Digital rendezvous 

Life now is like a bunch of interconnected wires transmitting data which can be shared through a network called the society,  This society does not judge you for the content you post, It does not tell you that hypocrisy is inevitable in each of its wired connectors, But it makes you feel that you are […]

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You made Game of Thrones harder to watch because I had someone other than Jon snow to look forward to, You held my tears as I cried, said it was okay and not to hide, If there was one person I’d share a DBC with, it’s you, Switching on the wifi after curfew, late night […]

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Expecto Patronum is for those who are in deep trouble and their happy reminiscences are summoned, You don’t need a spell to protect you, You don’t need one to be enchanted, You are a spell. A spell of rain to the drought struck places, The feeling of petrichor they feel is what I feel when […]

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Cold summers

Do you know that feeling when your vision is blurry even with prescription glasses? When you feel betrayed more than what Pettigrew did to James? When you are like the hard alcohol to their water but that same person can make you feel like the trash to their bin of the ultimate mundane? When even […]

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— uncharged ion’s Blog

Put life at shuffle. Let it play. Go with the flow. Sure you’ll face some tracks you won’t like, no doubt you’ll want to give up on the track you’re on and switch to another but there will always be pleasant surprises for you. There will be Lost Stars and Madness. There will be Hello’s […] […]

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Cherry lips, flawless skin.

Popularity. It seems a word too obscene to describe. For me, popularity means nothing but it also means something. In high school we all had our own cliques happy and gay as ever but we also had that teeny tiny bit of desire to be in the popular gang. What is a popular gang you […]

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