The Pearl and The Bud

One of the best poems I’ve ever read.

The Creative Bud

In a puff of white smoke, I saw you, with a smile on your face you saw me, our eyes met and greeted, while my nose was taking in the smoke your mouth created. You open your mouth again and this time, you talk, you talk about your wishes, you talk about your monsters, and still you want to talk more. My ears still hooked onto your voice, and when you stopped to take in a puff, all I could hear was I could hear no more! My mouth started opening to talk with your ears, all along you listened to me with rapt attention as if I was telling you a story from a far away land. In a way, it was a fairy tale, and what happens in most is what had happened to me, for I fell in love with you and my heart started to talk…

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