You made Game of Thrones harder to watch because I had someone other than Jon snow to look forward to,

You held my tears as I cried, said it was okay and not to hide,

If there was one person I’d share a DBC with, it’s you,

Switching on the wifi after curfew, late night conversations, sharing music occasionally,

Seemed too good to be true,

I wish I knew what loving you meant, heart wrecked and knees bent,

Now I know what Harry felt when Dobby died,

The clouds seemed to move too fast blurring my vision,

The vision which let me see the beauty in you,

Damn that vision, I want a fire,

Fire blazing within me to rage against my mind wandering towards you,

Stop, stay where you are,

My fragile mind, pull yourself together, do not differentiate and integrate all the bittersweet moments you felt,

Because in the end, it doesn’t even matter,

You said you hated writers and look at me speechless as I chalk out these phrases,

I get why you said you hated them, because we cannot let our profound thoughts go unexpressed,

Yet we stay only in this mirror of erised, on the brink of solitude listening to Stairway to Heaven…


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