Cold summers

Do you know that feeling when your vision is blurry even with prescription glasses?

When you feel betrayed more than what Pettigrew did to James?

When you are like the hard alcohol to their water but that same person can make you feel like the trash to their bin of the ultimate mundane?

When even Uptown Funk does not make you dance along?

When even food does not suffice the pain in your gut and heart for making the wrong decisions?

When you hate the player and the game?

When you don’t get your daily hugs from the bestie?

When the nutella at your home is empty and the store is 56682997km away?

When you cannot return the jacket because that thing is scented of their half assed love and memory when you need them the most?

When you know you cannot handle the deaths of Sirius and Mufasa?

You know you’re screwed, when you need tubs of ice cream,

Some cheesy fried food,

Some good ‘ol attention and a giant warm hug.

It’s going to be okay someday,

Life will be okay,

Like Phil Dunphy says, ‘If you love something set it free, unless it’s a tiger.’


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