Cherry lips, flawless skin.

Popularity. It seems a word too obscene to describe. For me, popularity means nothing but it also means something. In high school we all had our own cliques happy and gay as ever but we also had that teeny tiny bit of desire to be in the popular gang. What is a popular gang you […]

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Silver and Opals

It was a bright and sunny day at the Carsons Clinic… Mr.Stottlemeyer was working on his new creation of destroying the human race.(not literally) He probably worked for the ISIS? He has about one year to a half century to be awarded the world’s best doctor. However he had to compete with the gorgeous, blonde […]

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A sip of coffee…

People say that Karma comes back to bite you in the ass. A beautiful teenager , a very popular girl in the town’s high school is charged with murder of another brunette , smart and athletic who seems to have all that she needs. It has not been a month since Ali committed the horrendous […]

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Mamma mia :O

It was a freezing January day in the gray streets of Manhattan when a long lost daughter in her mid thirties decides to visit her septuageneranian mother who abandoned her. What if she does not remember me? What if she does not accept me for a daughter? What if she does not believe me? All […]

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Firefly Lane – A Book Review

This is one of the most beautiful and emo book I have ever read! This novel penned down by Kristin Hannah is a New York Times Bestseller for all the good reasons. It’s  a tale of friendship, battle and jealousy of two friends who got acquainted on the Firefly Lane where they used to habituate. […]

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