Digital rendezvous 

Life now is like a bunch of interconnected wires transmitting data which can be shared through a network called the society, 

This society does not judge you for the content you post,

It does not tell you that hypocrisy is inevitable in each of its wired connectors,

But it makes you feel that you are nothing without it,

You feel like someone drilled a hole within you and removed one of your transmitting neurons,

You feel shut down because your synapses worked through your electronic device’s touch screen,

You say it’s not you, it’s me,

Because unlike human communication and contact, your device is now your best friend,

It’ll always be there for you,

It’ll connect better with your electric eccentric soul,

Something which I couldn’t do,

Acetylcholine raced through my synapses every time you tagged me in a passive hilarious dark meme,

They say that lovers’ touch produced sparks which enlightened the body, now I know what that means,

The body of my metallic phone does the same hopefully wouldn’t kill me because of the 220V battery every time I sleep next to it,

Social media made me almost unsocial in real life,

I constantly felt the need to be ‘liked’ and ‘love reacted’ when someone looks at me,

The ping on whatsapp ringed through my ears, making me alert,

My mind thirsty for your suggestion on the dress that I selected for date night,

Date night consisting of watching tv shows and snapchatting 10 second snaps of my favourite parts from them,

The constant receiving of screenshot after screenshot of my best friend going through a break up,

I could only give you virtual hugs and comfort and I am sorry for that,

I hope our ‘online’s and ‘typing’s continue into tomorrow,

Let me be your distraction, your stereophonic source,

Listen to me, listen to the wind, waves and the moon,

Rift into an alternate world where only dogs exist,

See, you don’t need technology anymore to reminisce,

Let it not be out of touch screen into the fire,

Beat by beat, tap by tap, plug it, play it, burn it, rip it.


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