Cherry lips, flawless skin.

Popularity. It seems a word too obscene to describe. For me, popularity means nothing but it also means something. In high school we all had our own cliques happy and gay as ever but we also had that teeny tiny bit of desire to be in the popular gang.

What is a popular gang you may ask…. It is nothing great, nothing extraordinary consisting of a group of individuals. That’s right, it’s normal, yet seems so foreign. If you wouldn’t have guessed by now, I am not in the popular gang and I am proud of it. They don’t intend on hurting others but I guess there is this inferiority complex in them which makes them feel superior once they do that. I don’t hate them but I have seen them make people’s lives hell. Even if we were a little early to the lunch hall, they would not be too happy about it, they would just cut in the waiting line showing off their little great strength of intimidating the innocent little teenagers who they’d love to bully.

You don’t have to be pretty or charming to be in the popular gang. We all are pretty and confident on the inside. It’s only the way we channelize it.

As a wise man once said, it’s just Phil from Modern Family, ‘It’s gonna take more than that to ruin a morning that started out with a whipped cream smile on my waffle.’ That’s right, let’s be happy and put the swagger on. No one can mess with us.


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